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Estimnet for directed ERGMs  is avalable from

The is the R library for estimation of undirected ERGMs. It is written in C and compiled with R CMD SHLIB.

The library and the working example of a network estimation may be downloaded from the links below.

Download Estimnet for Mac

Download Estimnet for Linux

The library may be loaded by R command dyn.load("").

After it is loaded it may be used with R command .C("estimnet", "setting.txt", "Edge_List", "Attributes").

"setting.txt" is the config file, "Edge_List" and "Attributes" are names of network files:

"Edge_List" is the file with the list of network edges, and "Attributes" is the file with node attributes (when present).

In  case when this library does not work under your operating system or in case of other problems or questions please email to  maksym[dot]byshkin[at]usi[dot]ch 

Note that this version of  code was tested on a network with about 100,000 nodes, but for such a large network it requiered large memory (about 128 GB of RAM).